Thursday, May 17, 2012

Costco Bakery Muffins : Vanilla Chocolate

I love Costco. It's everything that ails America but can you really dislike a shopping center that sells everything in bulk to the average household? 

I did have a bone to pick with their muffin selection for the longest time - I always wondered why they never sold chocolate chip muffins (they have double chocolate chip muffins - but I prefer vanilla and chocolate chip) so imagine my surprise when I found these at the bakery aisle. (Forgive me if my news appears neck of the woods gets everything two months behind schedule).

The vanilla chocolate muffins taste great. My only complaint is that the chocolate chips are sprinkled and not mixed into the batter. So the center is just muffin - see cutaway picture of the interior.

Costco muffins are sold in two packs of sixes so you can mix and match two flavors (which works well because my brother likes blueberry muffins).

And yes, I did re-purchase them. :)

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